New Year’s Resolutions? No

Temiloluwa Olushola
3 min readMar 2, 2020
Strange Planet Comics

Every new year, we find ourselves writing down a list of goals for the new year, our determination is usually a 100% and we picture of ourselves achieving those goals, we even share it with our friends and family but here’s the interesting part. At the end of the year only 8% actually achieve those goals and then we move those goals to the next year, change it a little to something we think is more realistic or we cancel them outrightly. Isn’t that funny?

At this point we need to do things differently, it’s only right. This article aims to helps us achieve those goals and ensure nothing not even you can stop yourself from achieving those goals.

Write it down, make it plain.

I mean if you want to get something done you should at least write it down. My pride used to have me thinking there was no need to write things like that down with thoughts like “aren’t you smart enough?” or “are you saying you don’t have a good memory?”, “ you don’t need to write this down”. That was the beginning of not getting whatever I’m trying to get done. The irony is I usually forget about it and lose track of my progress. So no matter how little or huge the goal is write it down.

Writing things down adds a level of importance to whatever it is you plan to achieve and the more you read it, the more it’s infused in your thoughts and it gets your brain thinking on how to get those goals which leads us to making plans — make it plain.

Making it plain means working out how you plan to get there. All that you have to do to get started is write it down.

Take action.

I’m sure you’ve probably read a lot of articles or heard a lot of speeches stating this but this cannot be overemphasized. After writing it and making it plain, of what use is what you’ve written down without taking any action — point-blank useless. The mindset to adopt is to just do it, even though you aren’t successful. It’s great you took action but you’ll continue to take action until you’re successful, it’s fun that way. It’s important to highlight the fulfilment in taking action even though you were scared, it didn’t make sense, or it goes against the status quo. This fulfilment would give the drive you need for the next goal and next goal and the next, including the ones you’ve failed at before.

It’s not a New Year’s Resolution, it’s a To-Do list

Stop looking at it as a “New Year Resolution”. You’ve written it down, you’ve made it plain, you’re ready to take action on them, it’s now a to-do list. Go ahead check the list, just keep checking the list and then at the end of the year look at the resolutions, you’ll find out they’re done. Now that’s you achieve goals.

PS: This isn’t another motivational article or whatever. It is what it is — fill in the blank. Feel free to the read this again and again. Now let’s conquer the year ahead. Good luck.